As a college cheer coach, you’re constantly coordinating appearances, setting practice itineraries, and so much more – you’re already pretty busy managing your current collegiate team! Add in recruiting future members and you’re stretched pretty thin with time. At New Heights Recruiting, we recognize not all programs may have access to a significant recruiting budget, or have the staff members to aid with the recruiting process. With our platform, we bring the recruits to your fingertips! Best of all – it’s FREE for you and your staff members!


Our online recruiting platform brings colleges to YOUR fingertips! Access academic and cheer program information in one centralized location. 

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Our anticipated recruiting platform will give you the resources you need to make the recruiting process easier. Don’t miss out on future clinics and recruiting events. 

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Well, simply put, our platform was designed with college cheerleading specifically in mind. Our team has extensive experience in the various aspects of college recruiting as athletes, coaches, and even as parents. With all our minds together, we were able to develop a platform specifically tailored to the needs we found most important to the recruiting process. 

You can view a current list of participating colleges here!

Keep in mind our platform is a tool to be used in your recruiting process, it’s not a guarantee for receiving a college scholarship. While we do our best to guide you, it will ultimately be up to YOU to find the program that fits your needs. 

Yes! Our platform has a built-in messaging application ensuring coaches will see your messages! 

The college search process should be taken seriously (you’re investing a ton of money and time!). So the sooner you can network and meet potential teammates and colleges coaches, the better!

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